Thursday, July 22, 2010

10 Movies Every Geek Should See

      Antitrust is a movie anyone involved in the indie community will love. It shows the tough choices many indie developers face, choosing between a well paying corporate job, and their dream program.  
After choosing to join a big corporation called NURV you watch as the main character Milo Hoffman face the consequences of his decision. While these consequences are far fetched Anti-trust still captures the feel of the indie community, everything from its drive to create something great to the indie vs. corporate feeling.

    Sneakers is one of those old school movies that really managers to capture the hacker zeal for life. Sure the tech is old, but the attitude the same. It isn't about money, or power for this group of penetration testers, it is about the challenge. If like any geek you enjoy a good challenge, you will find yourself relating to at least one character in this movie.  

    Blade Runner is a cyberpunk/sci-fi classic. I am not the biggest fan of this movie, but just because it is Blade Runner it has to make any geeks list. Harrison Ford, that one guy from Star Wars, playing the main character is just the icing on the cake. Watch it, love it, hate it, but it is a classic.  

7. Star Trek
(Any of the movies)
    The Star Trek franchise is a timeless sci-fi classic. Over the years this franchise has pumped out so many good movies I honestly can't choose which one I like best, so I put them all into the number seven slot. The special effects in many of these movies are dated, and portions of some of the movies can get a bit slow. But it is Star Trek, so it has to make any geeks list of top movies PERIOD!  

   Stargate is a classic sci-fi movie. It has spawned two other movies, and three excellent TV shows. If it was up to me I would have this movie up in the top three just because it spawned Stargate SG1, and Atlantis. But in all fairness while a pretty epic movie it isn't as good any of the top 5 movies.

   In my opinion Hackers is truly a geek classic. It perfectly captures the attitude of a hacker. For many this movie is the reason they got into hacking. If you are one of those people who wants everything to be realistic then you will hate it, because the hacking scenes are not realistic. Keep in mind though if they were realistic the movie would have become dated about 14 years ago (It came out roughly 15 years ago). I am a huge fan of this movie and despite how bad others claim this movie is I was really tempted to put it in the number one slot. In fact the only reason I didn't is because there is way too much skating. If you have an once of geek inside you check this movie out, while it might not be realistic your inner geek will wish it was.  

   Serenity is a victory for geeks everywhere. We are the reason this movie even exists. Firefly being canceled was one of the worst things that could have happened to the sci-fi genre, but because of our outcry they actually went ahead and released a movie to wrap up the show. It also involves bad ass cowboys kicking ass IN SPACE!

   The Matrix a movie that could not possibly be realistic, yet there is no way prove that we are not in the Matrix. Anyone, geeks included, who watches this movie should at least be entertained by it.  

   Lord of the Rings is, in my opinion, one of the best trilogies ever made. Sure the final Lord of the Rings movie has a really, really, really long ending, but the rest of it is pure epic (even the ending is good). Out of all three movies I have to say The Fellowship of The Ring is the best movie, it started out the whole trilogy, and is filled with epic moments. Any self respecting geek needs to have watched this movie a few times, because geeks like fantasy movies (Lord of The Rings is fantasy).  

    Star Wars: A New Hope is pretty much the best Sci-Fi movie in existence. Anyone who has not watched this movie either doesn't speak English, or has failed at life. Actually you fail if you have only seen this movie once. Geeks, and normal people alike need to see this movie!  

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