Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweet Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screenshots, and Video Footage

      Deus Ex: Human Revolutionis the latest and greatest addition to the Deus Ex franchise. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set for release on February 2011, but we all know how release dates tend to be off by a tidbit.
     After a bit of digging I found some sweet information regarding the third edition of the Deus Ex franchise. To begin with the story in Deus Ex: Human Revolution will take place 25 years before the original Deus Ex, this means no nano technological augmentations, just bio mechanical augmentations. You will visit five metropolises, including Shanghai, Detroit and Montreal.
     Unfortunately the team making Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been pretty tight lipped regarding gameplay, but they have let a few things slip.  Augmentations, which any Deus Ex fan knows are a huge part of the game, will be present in the form of four distinct types, combat, stealth, technology and social. The first three types of augmentations explain themselves, social augmentation however is new to the franchise. Using social skills/augmentation players can persuade potential enemies to let them pass, or give up crucial information without firing a shot. Get skilled enough, and you can get through Human Revolution without killing anyone, but the bosses.

The E3 Deus Ex Human Revolution Trailer

Deus Ex Human Revolution Leaked Gameplay Part1 (Shit Quality)

Deus Ex Human Revolution Leaked Gameplay Part 2 (Shit Quality)

The pictures below were not taken by me, I found them on the internet.
Each squad has an identifiable squad leader, see if you can find this squads leader.
Could this be a safe house?

Ahhhhh the doctors office, time to get some augmentations is it?
A nice shot of the cyberpunk shanghai
Another shot of Shanghai

Looks like the stealth approach

Its always a good idea to get some intel before kicking down a door
The labs where the reality that is Deus Ex Human Revolutions is made

The Sewers are great for stealth

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